Bradley Central High School 2023

Team Profile

Photos by Andy Mitchell Photography

Q & A With Coach Damon Floyd

Coach Damon Floyd of Bradley Central High School

Q. How would you characterize this year’s team?

A. Full of potential, but the games are won on the field.

Q. What will be the key to your success?

A. Staying healthy.

Q. Who will be your key leaders on the team?

A. Marcus Goree Jr., Luke Keith, Kaleb Martin, Eugene Peterson, and Tito Williams.

Q. What are your biggest reasons for optimism?

A. The most talented skill players we have had as a whole and four of five linemen returning.

Q. What will keep you up at night?

A. The tough region we play in that has great players and great coaches.

Q. What can you build on from last year?

A. Being better up front on both sides of the ball.

Q. Any lessons learned from last year?

A. Never say never.

Q. Will we see anything different this year?

A. A few new players who have
transferred in and will help a lot.

Q. How would you characterize your team’s speed?

A. We have some really good team speed and players who can fly, but so do other teams in our region.


Coach name: Damon Floyd (18 yrs. as a head coach, 18th as head coach at Bradley)

Division/Class: TN I-6A

2022 Overall Record: 7-4

2022 District Finish: 4th

Mascot: Bears

2023 Schedule


18 McMinn Co. (A)

25 Tyner Academy (H)


1 Maryville (H)

8 Walker Valley (A)

29 Farragut (A)


6 Hardin Valley (H)

13 Red Bank (A)

20 Cleveland (A)

27 Bearden (H)

Coach’s View

We have a tough schedule playing in Region 2 6A, and we added Tyner, Red Bank, and McMinn, who are all tough. We have some tough pre-season scrimmages with three state champs (Baylor, Anderson Co., and Alcoa) but iron sharpens iron, so we hope it prepares us for what lies ahead.