Gordon Lee High School 2017


Coach Greg Ellis

Q. How would you characterize this year’s team?

A. We’ll be returning a lot of experienced players on both sides of the ball.

Q. What will be the keys to your success?

A. Staying healthy throughout the year will be crucial to our success.

GL.StatsQ. Who will be your key leaders on the team?

A. Braden Jarvis (Sr., RB), Austin Thompson (Sr., QB), Harrison Moore (Sr., LB), Caleb Vines (Sr., LB), CJ Thomas (Sr., OL), Cordell Langford (Jr., DT), and Hunter Hodson (Jr., DB).

Q. What are your biggest reasons for optimism?

A. The work ethic and growth of our team during the off season.

Q. What will keep you up at night?

A. Like every coach, it’ll be worrying about injuries that keeps me up at night.

Q. What can you build on from last year?

A. We were in a lot of close games last year, which should help us focus on small things we can change for this season.

Q. Any lessons learned from last year?

A. No.

Q. Will we see anything different this year?

A. Josh Groce is returning to be our defensive coordinator. We’re excited to be adding him back to our staff.

Q. How would you characterize your team’s speed?

A. We have a few kids returning who run well, along with some up-and-coming underclassmen.

Coach’s View
I’m excited to be able to coach this team again. The players have put in a lot of great effort in the weight room this offseason, and they’re eager to experience some success this year. Plus, we return a lot of starters on each side of the ball.

Photos by Greg Collins


Cordell Langford


Austin Thompson


Braden Jarvis


Harrison Moore


CJ Thomas


Caleb Vines


Hunter Hodson