Heritage High School

Coach E.K. Slaughter

Q. How would you characterize this year’s team?

A. An exciting, hardworking, and intelligent team.

Q. What will be the keys to your success?

A.  Development of new starters.

Q. Who will be your key leaders on the team?

A. Ethan Bone (Sr., HB/LB), Malik Dumas (Sr., RB/DB), Thomas Owens (Sr., OL/DL), Noah Sims (Sr., OL/DL), Chandler Hill (Sr., WR/DB), Jeffrey Curtis (Sr., RB/LB), and Clint Petteys (Sr., WR/DB).

Q. What are your biggest reasons for optimism?

A. Players with great attitude and work ethic.

Q. What will keep you up at night?

A. Lack of depth in key positions. 

Q. What can you build on from last year?

A. Our teams expect to compete every Friday because of the success of the last couple years.

Q. Any lessons learned from last year?

A. Expect the unexpected.

Q. Will we see anything different this year?

A. Not really.

Q. How would you characterize your team’s speed?

A. Team speed will be average, but we will have significant advantages in certain positions.

Coach’s View

We will have a tough schedule versus some good players and good coaches. I believe we can win every game and lose every game. Our greatest opponent will be ourselves, and that is where we will focus our efforts. If we can become the best version of us, I believe we will win a lot of games.

Photos by Terry Henson

Jeffrey Curtis

Maddox Rose

Kobe McAlister

Malik Dumas

Pete Padgett

Nick Hanson