Hixson High School 2016

Hix.CoachDuffCoach’s Corner
Coach Dan Duff

Q: How would you characterize this year’s team?

A: Gritty, but young.

Q: What will be the keys to your success?

A: We’ll need to be sound in our technique and systems.

Q: Who will be your key leaders on the team?

A: Brody Gregory (Sr., OL/DL), Austin Slifko (Sr., WR/DB), Brett Gardin (Sr., OL/DL), Myles Ratliff (Sr., RB/LB), and Drew Keith (Sr., TE/DE). Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 1.52.16 PM

Q: What are your biggest reasons for optimism?

A: Our roster is full of good kids, and they love the game.

Q: What will keep you up at night?

A: Not having very much speed.

Q: What can you build on from last year?

A: We’ll continue to work to finish games strong.

Q: Any lessons learned from last year?

A: We’re only going to put people on the field who want to do right.

Q: Will we see anything different this year?

A: Nothing too different, but we’ll throw a little more this year.

Q: How would you characterize your team’s speed?

A: We have below average speed, so that’s definitely something we hope to improve.

Coach’s View

Our team’s success is going to depend on how well we come together as a unit. We might not have the state’s next standout superstar, but we have good, solid players. If we play smart and with great technique, we’ll be a solid team.

Photos by Alan Gregory

Myles Ratliff

Myles Ratliff

Drew Keith

Drew Keith

Brett Gardin

Brett Gardin

Austin Slifko

Austin Slifko

Brody Gregory

Brody Gregory

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