Sport Talk

 “It’s one of the most original sports talk shows in the country. They aren’t following a formula; this is them, this is SportTalk. 

For them to make it for 25 years, and to still be as important of a part of the community as they are is huge. Shows and personalities can come and go in the broadcasting business, but they’ve stayed relevant because they’re true to what they do, and they’re involved in the community.” 

Mike Keith, longtime guest, Director of Broadcasting, Tennessee Titans

An integral player in sports radio for a quarter of a century, SportTalk has set the bar high in Chattanooga for sports information and outrageous entertainment. Manned by Gary Haskew (Dr. B.), Scott McMahen (Quake) and Joe Varner (Cowboy Joe), the show has kept its very loyal listeners tuned in with candid personalities, great wit, and valuable sports information. The ability of these three individuals and their unique personalities to stand alone while blending as a trio is described by industry professionals as very rare.

On July 11, SportTalk’s family, listeners, callers, and guests gathered with Dr. B, Quake, and Cowboy Joe to celebrate and share in the memories of 25 years on the air and over 7,000 shows.

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