The Many Faces of SportTalk

>>Gary Haskew aka Dr. B 

1. The King is Born
Now known to his faithful listeners as “Dr. B,”  Gary Haskew is crowned May Day King in 1953 at the White Oak grammar school. Few knew that the “King” was preparing for fame, follies, and good fortune at SportTalk Radio.

2. Say it’s Not So Joe
“Dr. B” as a sophomore pitcher for the 1967 Baylor School baseball team that won the Mid-South conference. Rumors swirled that the once popular Brylcreem hair cream added to the action of an already sweeping curve ball.

3. The Untold Prayer
Just before the start of the 1998 University of Tennessee vs. Alabama game, “Dr. B” is caught in a tender moment of prayer. While the prayer still remains untold, rumor has it that there was  a sizeable yet undetermined wager placed on this game. To this day the prayer remains untold, the Vols won the game 35-18 and the wager, if any, remains unclear.

4. Miss Marlin?
Hosting a Braves vs. Florida Marlins pennant party, “Dr. B” creates even more interest by announcing Marlins beauty queen – “Miss Marlin” – would be hosting the event with him. Turns out Miss Marlin is a local friend posing in place of the real “Miss Marlin.”

5. 12-Pack
“Dr. B” is approached by friend and cohort  – known fondly as “12-pack,” about having a friend impersonate “Miss Marlin.” Is there any doubt that this was a unanimous decision?


>>Joe Varner aka Cowboy Joe

1. A Dream Come True
Joe Varner graduates from kindergarten at Calvary Baptist school. It was shortly thereafter that Joe says he was destined to be “Cowboy Joe.” Really?

2. The Legend of Rhea County
Known for bruising tackles and driving gaping holes through opponents defensive lines, “Cowboy Joe” played for the Rhea County Eagles.

3. Julius Pleaser
Unknown to many, “Cowboy Joe”  is a self-acclaimed master manager for professional wrestlers.

4. I’m too sexy
Spotted at Miami’s South Beach is “Cowboy Joe.”

5. Sexiest Man in Chattanooga
As reported last year in this publication, banners claiming “Cowboy Joe,” as the sexiest man in Chattanooga are still being spotted around the city.

6. Joe the Savage Man Varner
Unbeknownst to co-workers and friends, this hunk of a man declares he is among the future stars in professional wrestling.

>>Scott McMahen aka Quake

1. City of Champions
An exceptional athlete originally from Latrobe, PA, “Quake” remains a diehard Pittsburgh sports fan. It has been told that when the “steel city” is lit at night, this town’s legendary sports heroes can be seen in the lights. Are you kidding me?

2. Let’s Talk Sports
A veteran in sports media, “Quake” has been a member of SportTalk for nearly 25 years, and the host of the Coca-Cola Red Zone for 20. He is a co-host on Fox 61’s Fifth Quarter and Racing Tonight and he is the color commentator for the UTC Mocs men’s basketball.

3. Scott at UTC
Scott graduated from Hixson High School and attended the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga where he was a member of the UTC Mocs 1987-88 team under Coach Mack McCarthy. That year the Mocs won 20 games, were the Southern Tournament Champions, and were invited to the NCAA national tournament.

4. Cornhole King
It is rumored that given the years of covering NASCAR and enjoying pregame events, “Quake” is a self-proclaimed champion in the popular tailgate game Cornhole. Purportedly, what is pictured is a game-winning throw that clinches the Talladega SuperSpeedway’s Cornhole Championship.

5. Need for Speed
It has been said that the excitement of NASCAR never wears off for “Quake.”  So much so that he has been spotted driving to work with helmet, gloves, and other essential race equipment