The SportTalk Choice Awards

If you’ve grown up in the South, you’re probably aware that there is a lot more to high school football than the game itself. There are also dazzling halftime shows, larger-than-life mascots, mouthwatering concessions, and passionate, earsplitting student sections – all of which create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere on Friday nights across the Chattanooga area come fall.

This year, SportTalk Radio’s Scott McMahen (Quake) and Joe Varner (Cowboy Joe) would like to shine a spotlight on some of the people, traditions, and facilities that make each area high school so unique. May we present – the first-ever SportTalk Choice Awards!


Chattanooga High School Football Red Zone Review Quake


Chattanooga High School Football Red Zone Review Cowboy Joe

Cowboy Joe




Best Halftime Show

Cowboy Joe: Ooltewah

“With one of the biggest bands in the area, if not the biggest, Ooltewah always puts on a tremendous show. Kudos to everyone involved!”

Quake: Ringgold

“Ringgold is one of the most decorated bands in our area with a huge number of participants. Band director Tracy Wright does a fantastic job, and his enthusiasm is contagious. They are always on point and impressive.”

ooltewah high school band

Best Concessions

Cowboy Joe: Soddy Daisy

“This was a tough one. There are a few schools that could be mentioned here, but I’m choosing Soddy Daisy. With more than one specialty hot dog on the menu and a variety of tasty items, Soddy Daisy ranks at the top for best overall concessions.”

Quake: Tyner

“This was a tough one. There are so many stadiums with good food, but when your fish sandwich is legendary, you will always be toward the top.”

Best Uniforms

Cowboy Joe: South Pittsburg

“I really love the color combinations. Orange and black always make a good combination. It’s just a clean, yet menacing look – perfect for a football team!”

Quake: Heritage

“I’ve always loved the red, white, and blue. The Generals always look sharp on Friday nights.”

Best Mascot

Cowboy Joe: Howard Hustlin’ Tigers

“Sure, the ‘Tigers’ is a common name for a team, but this name isn’t so common. Throw some hustle in the mix, and you have something special. I love it!”

Quake: Chattanooga Central

“Just what is a Purple Pounder? I’m not sure I really know, but it is certainly unique – uniquely Chattanooga.”

chattanooga central purple pounder mascot

Best Practice Field

Cowboy Joe: Baylor

“Baylor has one of the best practice fields in this area. What makes it my top choice? Location. A beautiful view of the Tennessee River welcomes the players as they prepare for their next opponent.”

Quake: Dalton

“You know when you’re from the Carpet Capital, and your ‘real’ field is natural grass, you’re going to have one spectacular turf practice field!”

Best Special Teams

Cowboy Joe: South Pittsburg

“Speed and discipline are keys to great special teams. South Pittsburg has those ingredients.”

Quake: Bradley Central

“Damon Floyd makes sure his guys are disciplined in the kicking game and understand the importance of making plays in that phase of the game.”

Best Student Section

Cowboy Joe: Bradley Central

“These students are always fired up. It must be the bowl-like stadium setting that really amplifies the cheers and jeers of this rowdy bunch.”

Quake: Ooltewah

“If I’m choosing a non-Baylor/McCallie team, it’s got to be Ooltewah. When you have a name for your student section (The Refs), you know you got something going on.”

bradley central high school student section

Best Defensive Coach

Cowboy Joe: McCallie

“Every McCallie coach who helped mold their defense the last three years deserves a shout out. Three championships in a row says it all.”

Quake: Ringgold

“Houston White has been doing it a while, and if last year’s defense is any indication, when the Tigers have talent those defensive coaches have proven to put them in the right spot.”

Best Scoreboard

Cowboy Joe: Ringgold

“This was a toss-up between Ringgold and Dalton. However, the Tigers of Ringgold take the prize. This video board is massive! When you throw in the accompanying sound system, Friday nights in Ringgold are electric.”

Quake: Dalton

“Like Joe says, it’s a toss-up, but the North Georgia facility race has always been led by Dalton. Their scoreboard/video entrance is like Monday night football.”

ringgold high school football scoreboard

Best Announcer

Cowboy Joe: Dalton

“Dalton’s Rick Zeiseg always brings excitement to a game, and you’ll never find someone who loves the Catamounts as much as he does. He’s a true professional.”

Quake: Baylor

“Dr. Dan Kennedy – this year will be his 49th football season. The longtime public address announcer has all the style, wit, and sarcasm to do it right on a Friday night.”

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