Would You Rather? SportTalk Radio Edition

There are many qualities that separate the good athletes from the great ones, and one of those qualities is decision-making. While they might not be grinding it out on the gridiron anymore, this year we thought we’d test SportTalk Radio’s Scott McMahen’s and Joe Varner’s decision-making prowess in a little game of Would You Rather. Read on to hear what they had to say.

Would you rather own the record for most points scored or most championships?

Quake: Since I never was a superstar, I’ve always been a team guy. Thinking with the team first always lifts everyone’s game. Championships for sure!

Cowboy Joe: Scoring the most points would be a cool record to have, but fans remember championships. Championships automatically put you in the G.O.A.T. conversation. I want to be known as the Greatest of All Time! Give me those championships!


Would you rather run fast or jump high?

Quake: I’ve never been able to run fast, so I would love to run so fast that nobody could catch me.

Cowboy Joe: I think it’s important to note that I hate running. That being said, I want to jump high. I’ve always wanted to dunk on a basketball goal that wasn’t adjustable. I would go to my local basketball court and dunk on everyone. No one would be safe!

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Would you rather retire as a forgotten coach with a winning record or a famous coach known to lose championships?

Quake: The worst moniker in sports is a “choker,” but I’d rather be close and lose than be average and forgotten.

Cowboy Joe: I hate to lose,
but I would choose the famous
coach known for losing champ
ionships. Marv Levy of the Buffalo Bills is the perfect example. Sure, he lost multiple championships, but he still made it to the championship game.


Would you rather have really cool uniforms with a run-down stadium or a state-of-the-art stadium with ugly uniforms?

Quake: Oh, if we have a state-of-the-art stadium, we are having cool uniforms. They go hand in hand, but a stadium is so important for maximum fan experience.

Cowboy Joe: I want to look good! As the great Deion Sanders said, “If you look good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good!” Fans need to look good when wearing my jersey! We can take care of the stadium at a later date.

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Would you rather play in 40-degree or 90-degree weather?

Quake: Football is always better in the cold. Preferably a little snow too.

Cowboy Joe: I love living in Tennessee! However, the humidity can be a bit much at times. You know what I’m talking about? You walk outside and are instantly drenched in sweat. Is that just me? Probably. Anyway, I would choose the 40-degree weather 10 out of 10 times. I’ll warm up when I start running around.


Would you rather be known as a coach who’s a great recruiter or a great strategist?

Quake: Recruiter means you can talk and communicate well, but the strategy of the game has always fascinated me so this one is tough…Probably strategist. I’ve never outsmarted anyone in my life.

Cowboy Joe: If we are talking about college football, I’d want to be a great recruiter. The talent difference can be more obvious at that level. If I’m a coach at the professional level, I’d want to be a great strategist. All the players are really good at that level, so having a coach with a great football mind makes all the difference.

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Would you rather play but always lose or win but sit on the bench?

Quake: Play and lose? I’ve done all that so I’ll pick win and contribute off the bench.

Cowboy Joe: Losing is miserable. Winning is fun! Can I play half the games? When I play, we win. When I sit, we lose. No? I want to play, but I want to win even more. I’m sitting on the bench. Let’s get that trophy!


Would you rather join an experienced veteran team or a young, energetic team?

Quake: I want the team that’s hungry to win regardless of if they are veteran or young.

Cowboy Joe: Highly competitive sports are a young man’s game. Of course, I’d want some veterans to help lead the team, but I can be that leader. It might take a couple of years, but we will eventually have that veteran mentality with younger legs.

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